Peter and Susan Drew were the founders of the company back in 1999. Peter owned and operated the company until it was sold to Neels and Hannie Pelser of Softcon Systems PTY LTD in Aug 2010.


    Neels Pelser

    Neels is a control systems engineer. He has been involved with instrumentation since 1991. Operating Procimation engineering (A systems integration company in RSA) working mainly on big power stations and coal mines in Africa they immigrated to Australia in 2004. Neels has significant experience in instrument and automation equipment selection as well as the installation design, programming and commissioning of such systems. In Australia, Softcon Systems Pty/Ltd was started to provide for local engineering and project management requirements in North Queensland. Neels has been involved in numerous projects in the North Queensland area e.g. the QNI Yabulu expansion project to some smaller research and develop projects with hydrogen generation. Neels is responsible for the operations and engineering side of PMD.


    Hannie Pelser

    Hannie is repsonsible for the office administration and accounting. She has been involved in business operations with Neels since 1991. She has extensive experience in accounting and business management. She is also a qualified Secondary school teacher.


About Us

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